Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Running Update - 10k Training/Race Complete

An update to my running journey...I started a 10k training program in mid-August. Unfortunately, my brother died August 31st, and this caused a real lack of motivation on my part, so I missed a great deal of the training. I did complete more of the runs the last month of training, and I ran my 10k race in the beginning of November. My finish time was 1:18. Super slow, I know (I am for sure a "back of the pack" runner") but it was a great run - my pace was the same throughout the race, and I could have kept running! 

During my training I realized that once I pass 3 miles or so, running is much easier for me. Its like my muscles remember what to do and just take over...but getting past those 3 miles can be rough! I also discovered I have arthritis in my knees, which seems to both me particularly on runs 5 miles and over. I immediately ice my knees after a run now and I'm wearing neoprene knee braces (which alleviate pain during the run, but not after).

Here I am the morning of the race - very excited!
 It was 35 degrees and sunny - nice running weather.
My boy and I at the end of the race. He was very happy for me.
Evan took this picture of me finishing up the race.
My running buddy Jaime and I (she's waaaay faster than me)!
Next up in my training is speed development (starting in January). In the meantime, I'm trying to run 9 -12 miles a week at a minimum. This weekend I'm running a 5k with my BFF - her very first 5k!