Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 4 Runs

Sunday - trail around the lake by my house. 1.3 miles, 12 minutes
Time of day: 7:50PM - getting dark
Weather: HOT! Mid 80s.
Surface: Relatively smooth. Some small hills, one larger hill.
Issues: I had a stomach cramp at one point (I had just eaten) but it went away. I could have done more mileage but it was getting dark and running in the dark is a bit disorienting for me.

Monday - trail around the lake by my house. 1.3 miles, 12 minutesTime of day: 6:30PM
Weather: HOT! Almost 90 degrees
Surface: Relatively smooth. Some small hills, one larger hill.
Issues: None, just the heat

Tuesday - track at MCC. Hill work (2 1/8 mile hills, 10 minutes at 12 minute/mile pace)Time of day: 6:30PM
Weather: Warm - high 60s
Surface: Perfect
Issues: UGH! Why did I think it would be ok to run 2 days in a row? I'm never sore but I woke up this morning in pain!! My knees, especially, but also my right hip and my shins. I was hurting. I took an ibuprofen before the run with the group and that helped some. The fact that we were starting hill work didn't do my knees any favors, but I survived.

Thursday - trail around the lake by my house. 1.5 miles, 15 minutes
Time of day: 6:40AM
Weather: Mild, Sunny
Surface: Relatively smooth. Some small hills, one larger hill.
Issues: Some pain in my shins and knees, but nothing awful. I'm finding it takes me a good half a mile to feel "awake" when I run in the morning, but after that it gets easier and feels good.

Saturday:  Trail around the lake by my house.  25 minutes, 2 miles.
Time of day:  8:00AM
Weather:  Sunny, warm
Surface: Relatively smooth. Some small hills, one larger hill.
Issues:  This was hands down the longest run I've ever done. It was tough, more because of joint pain than endurance.  My knees bothered me a lot, as well as my right hip. However, I was really excited and proud that I got through it!

Other things to note:
-I'm continuing to do plenty of abductor exercises whenever I can (watching tv in the evening, before a run, etc) to try and build some strength in my hips. I think its really helping.
-Signed up to run my first 5k in June!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 3 Runs, Etc.

Sunday: trail in my neighborhood around lake, 1.3 miles, 13 minutes.
time of day: 11:00am
weather: sunny and warm
surface: smooth
issues: none

Tuesday: track at MCC, 1.5 miles, 16 minutes
time of day: 6:30pm
weather: sunny, windy
surface: perfect issues: I had actually considered skipping this run, since my stomach was bothering me all day. It ended up being my best run so far! I had some stomach cramps the first quarter mile, but after that, I felt great!

Thursday: Bailed on my planned evening run, but took my son to a birthday party at a bounce house place. Wow - what a work out! Were were running through obstacle courses, jumping around, climbing huge walls, etc. I don't feel bad about missing my run - my heart rate was up for a full hour!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 2 Runs, Etc.

I'm going to be completely honest here and say I was a wimp this week. Tree pollen has kicked into high gear and my allergies are a mess. It's also my son's spring break, so we traveled a bit and our whole routine was different this week. It can only get better from here, right?

Sunday: Trail at lake in my neighborhood. 1.3 miles
time of day: 5:00PM
weather: sunny and mild
surface: smooth
issues: none, other than endurance issues
felt: good

Tuesday:  Track at MCC. 15 minutes. 

time of day: 6:30PM
weather:  sunny and mild but high pollen count
surface: smooth
issues: serious endurance issues - had to walk for 1 minute once I got to 12 minutes
felt: tired, out of breath!

Friday:  Sneaker Hike in DC. 4 Miles/2.5 Hours
Nighttime monument hike in DC - fun! 

I know, I know, slacker! More running is in store for me next week!