Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 3 Runs, Etc.

Sunday: trail in my neighborhood around lake, 1.3 miles, 13 minutes.
time of day: 11:00am
weather: sunny and warm
surface: smooth
issues: none

Tuesday: track at MCC, 1.5 miles, 16 minutes
time of day: 6:30pm
weather: sunny, windy
surface: perfect issues: I had actually considered skipping this run, since my stomach was bothering me all day. It ended up being my best run so far! I had some stomach cramps the first quarter mile, but after that, I felt great!

Thursday: Bailed on my planned evening run, but took my son to a birthday party at a bounce house place. Wow - what a work out! Were were running through obstacle courses, jumping around, climbing huge walls, etc. I don't feel bad about missing my run - my heart rate was up for a full hour!

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