Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 3

Week 3 workouts/diet update

Sunday:  3 mile treadmill run. 38 minutes/12:50 pace = slooow but I got it done
By the way - I am in love with the fan on this treadmill. 
Its adjustable and makes running a lot more pleasant!

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: 2 mile treadmill run. 24:36/12:18 avg pace

Wednesday:  group training, 1 mile treadmill run/11:34 pace

Thursday: group training

Friday: group training/1 mile treadmill run/12:00 pace

Saturday: no formal workouts, but I did get some exercise in by jumping on the giant trampoline with the kids at a BBQ :)

I'm still not running as much as I would like to be, but I'm doing way better than last week! I'm hoping to get up to 10 miles run this week.

I did stay under my calories for the week (some days were a tiny bit over but others were significantly under).

This is the end of 3 weeks of working out and counting calories (sometimes I count more than I'm supposed to eat, but I'm conscious of it and trying to stay under a certain number). The end of this week brought with it the first subtle changes to my body! I can see increased muscle definition in my legs and arms and my waist is a bit smaller.

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