Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 6 Runs

Running with my pace group last week (I'm the one in the blue hat).

Sorry I skipped blogging Week 5. I was crazy busy and didn't write anything down as it happened. Now all the days are running together. I just know I ran.

Sunday - Glen Echo Park and surrounding neighborhood. 20 minutes, 1.5 miles (it was all hills, so I was slooooow).
Time of day: 9:00AM
Weather: 70's but humid
Surface: All hills!
Issues: I was completely exhausted and I questioned even attempting to run. I had a very busy day Saturday (yard sale, kid's birthday party, hosted a bridal shower) and only got 4.5 hours of sleep. But I decided not to waste my time (my son was in a class). As I expected, I hit my stride after 5 minutes and felt better. The hills were a killer, but I was glad I ran.

Tuesday - Track at MCC. 30 minutes, 2.4 miles
Time of day: 6:30PM
Weather: 70s and HUMID! Humidity was 94% and it felt like we were running in a sauna!
Surface: perfect (but full of puddles)
Issues: The humidity was awful. Humidity is an issue for me anyway (triggers migraines) and the heat was awful, it was difficult to breathe, etc, etc.

Thursday - King Farm trail. 25 minutes/2.05 miles
Time of day: 6:30PM
Weather: 70's, sunny and windy, no humidity. Perfect running weather!
Surface: One big hill, the rest flat/downhill
Issues: None, I could have ran longer, but the program we are running is emphasizing how not to injure yourself. I did have some knee pain when I woke up.

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